Thursday, September 18, 2008

ACV/Honey Rinse

I did my first ACV rinse today. I had an empty conditioner bottle that I poured my mix into. My recipe was 1 tablespoon of ACV mixed with 1 cup of water, plus a couple of drops of honey. I co-washed and conditioned first. After rinsing out my conditioner with water, I then poured the ACV over my hair. I made sure I got it good and saturated, but I didn't end up using all my mixture. Then I rinsed with water and scrunched in some leave-in conditioner with honey. Applied KY gelee followed by LA Looks Cashmere Curls and La Bella Super Spikes, and plopped for 20 minutes. Its still drying now.. and my hair feels soft, but its frizzy, with some crunchy spots. Maybe it will look better once it dries.

Also I uploaded pictures of my first co-wash. It was okay, but a little frizzy. Day 2 was worse so I didn't take any pics. My hair is frizzy today too. I'm mad about that. I actually went CG after my wedding (July 19) and stuck with it until this past Sunday. (September 14). It did great at first, but I guess too much product built up over time and it started getting weighed down and it looked bad. So I thought it would be okay to wash it with my Samy Pure Smooth & Shine Shampoo, because its supposed to be sulfate free... that was a mistake. Now its yicky! Should I stick with it, or shoulod I wash with a clarifying shampoo and start all over?