Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Aloe + Aloe = Aloe Aloe

My hair has been misbehaving very badly since my last post. Yes, every day since then. It really starting acting up when I first used Loreal Vive Nutrigloss and their Melting Gel... my hair really doesn't seem to like that combo. Actually, my hair doesn't seem to like any Loreal products for that matter. Anyone else have that problem? I hated it so much today after I co-washed, that I co-washed and re-did my hair again. However, I decided to do something different today after reading a post on naturallycurly.

I've experimented with FOTE AVG before, didn't like it, and so I gave up. It gave me soft curls and nice clumpage which I loved, but it didn't hold much and sometimes my hair seemed to be dryed out, maybe result of other products I was using, but still, I decided to cut it out. Today someone mentioned using it and mixing it with their conditioner (which happened to be Aloe & Waterlily). So I thought that putting Aloe and Aloe together would work well. That other person mentioned they used glycerin, so I decided to try that today too.

So what I did was I co-washed with Suave Aloe & Waterlily (which smells very yummy btw!), then I scrunched some in as leave in. Then, in my hand I mixed some of it with aloe vera gel and diluted glycerin (3 parts water to 1 part glycerin), mixed it together, and then I combed and worked it through my hair. Then, I scrunched in more aloe vera gel mixed with a little more conditioner. Immediately I noticed more clumping, and better curl formation. We'll see how it holds up as the day goes by. First I guess I should wait and see how it will dry. I'll report back with pictures later! Now I need to figure out how to clip my roots properly to get some needed volume!