Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My Routine

My hair is recovering from a bad scene haircut, so I have to co-wash it everyday to get it to behave. I usually co-wash with a Suave conditioner, applying it even over my scalp/roots and massaging with my finger tips. I then rinse with warm water, still massaging to remove dirt. If my hair still feels yucky, then I use my CHI silk masque to co-wash again. This conditioner seems to remove small amounts of build up nicely; I haven't figured out why, because it doesnt have any kind of sulfate as an ingredient. Weird. Next, I usually use the same conditioner on my ends. Or I use a 1/2 and 1/2 mix of honey + conditioner. Either way, I leave it on while I finish my shower. I rinse it with cool/cold water. O squeeze out excess water and blot with a towel. I scrunch in a little conditioner and comb through. Then I apply KY gelee then the rest of my styling products. I either let my hair air dry or plop it for 10-15 minutes then air dry. When I take it down, sometimes I have to re-wet because my short layers stick out like crazy. But thats it. :]